Three Techniques for Profitable Commodity Sales

Three Techniques for Profitable Commodity Sales | Free Commodity Tips Trial | You can test out the premium MCX commodity trading advisory services on for one day without paying.

Three Techniques for Profitable Commodity Sales. These services are available for a one-day free trial. The commodity advice is based either on significant market news or only after thorough technical study of the market.

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Three Techniques for Profitable Commodity Sales

Evolution of Commodity Trading Advice

It all began when futures trading for daily essential prices was introduced to the Indian market some 15 years ago. For this goal, MCX and NCDEX, two Indian exchanges, were established, with NCDEX being a completely agro-focused exchange.

Energy, bullion, and metal are the three fundamental entities that make up MCX (Although it has agro trades in it as well). Many traders began trading in this market because people believed it to be a simple way to make cheap money.

Commodity equals quick cash

People first believed they could make quick money by simply guessing wildly, but they ultimately suffered significant losses. It’s really simple to win or lose between 30 and 50 percent of your initial investment due to its quick fluctuation. As a result, the early investors in the commodity market either turned into kings out of wrath or vice versa. But when everything was said and done, very few sensible traders emerged.

When they begin to lose money, people start approaching every tom or dick for investment advice. Some people begin praying to God, while others experiment with magic and luck. Since there was a real demand for good advice, only a few genuine research advisory firms as well as the so-called “mushroom crop” of single-person virtual advising firms emerged on the market.

Merchandise Tips Delivery

Commodity tips refers to the current trend of receiving compensation for advice against your trade or position in the commodity market. These commodity advice are delivered via SMS, phone calls, instant messaging, or platforms like WhatsApp.

Three Techniques for Profitable Commodity Sales

Positional and intraday commodity advice are the two types available. In intraday services, tips are provided up until the close of the MCX market, which is presently 11:30 PM, and are valid for one day. Positional commodity trading advice are valid until the contract’s expiration, and if market movement is on the upper side, they may even hit their target in just one day.

Commodity Hedging Techniques for Price Risk Management

The two main methods that commodity dealers profit are through speculating and hedging. The latter is a risk management tactic intended to safeguard an investment’s gains and guard against losses. The former is therefore a more aggressive strategy that is only motivated by profit.

Despite the fact that the two methods can be used simultaneously, it is crucial for traders to comprehend how hedging functions and why it is important. One of the fundamental guidelines for making money selling commodities is to use commodity hedging tactics. Here is a brief explanation of how to maximise your profits exponentially with this straightforward method.

What is a trader for a hedge fund?

A person or corporation engaged in activities connected to a certain commodity is referred to as a hedge fund trader. An ideal hedge fund trader would be a corporation that produces the commodity or is interested in buying it in the future. Each party can reduce their market risks through hedging in the commodity markets.

Why do investors use hedges?

The future course of commodity prices cannot be predicted with absolute certainty. Traders must be aware of the precise time frame for such changes in addition to the price direction. Traders can choose to use the hedging method to increase their profits rather than stressing out over getting these two criteria right.

Three Techniques for Profitable Commodity Sales

How is hedging carried out?

Traders transact with physical commodities in a cash market. In the meantime, the futures market offers contracts for the delivery of these items at a later time. The futures price and the cash market have a strong relationship, although their movements are not the same. This is the rationale for the use of the word “Basis” in transactions. (Basis = Cash Price – Futures Price) is the ideal formula.

Long or short?

Go long or short are the two options available to traders and investors. Going short entails borrowing the contract from the broker, selling it, and then repurchasing it at a loss. Going long, on the other hand, is purchasing a commodity now with the hope that the selling price will increase in the future.

Your hedging techniques will lose their effectiveness if you decide to go long. This results from the cash price falling in a way that is identical to the futures contract. Consequently, whenever the Basis rises, shorting may be advantageous. The futures contract’s rising price is always compared to the rising cash price. Keep in mind that the basis could shift in the opposite way from where the price levels are. But what counts is how drastically the two differ from one another.

Risky hedging scenarios

Based on a short-term period, it is thought that producers that insure against physical items are not taking a risk. If the wrong price changes are predicted, the hedge trader could lose out on all of their prospective savings.

Three Techniques for Profitable Commodity Sales

Does your trading plan need to include hedging?

One of the best strategies for reducing risk while trading commodities futures is hedging. If at all possible, the focus of hedging should be on shifting price risk and fixing the prices that one will pay or receive within a predictable range. Trading operations can be reliably planned by traders by lowering their exposure to surprises.

10 Tips For Commodities Trading System Success

Commodity option trading systems are regarded as the finest way to understand the fundamentals of trading because commodity trading is still one of the best ways to generate money from the comfort of your home. To obtain their data, traders typically rely on two different forms of information. Both internal and external elements can be used to evaluate the market. While some people follow the ups and downs in the market, others use exogenous factors like weather or political events to invest in commodities.

There are 10 key concepts that are essential for trading success:

  1. The More You Learn, the More You Earn: When it comes to commodities trading, your investor’s business daily shouldn’t be your only source of knowledge; your trading strategies should also be based on your own study.
  2. Research Is Not Reading Advice: The main issue with reading tips for commodity options trading methods is that you won’t have time to put them into practise. Make sure to complete your homework and locate unique facts that you can rely upon rather than following someone else’s advice.
  3. Try Something New But With Less Money: Experiments are the secret to successful commodities trading methods. Even if they won’t lose money, people who consistently take the same path won’t be making a lot of money either. Because of this, you must adhere to experimental approaches while avoiding overspending.
  4. Refrain from entering the market in an attempt to make rapid money. Unfortunately, commodities do not offer such a thing. Someone has probably had a lot of experience if they are producing money pretty easily. However, never invest money that you have borrowed or that you have set aside for another purpose. Should prices drop, you would suffer significant losses. Make informed decisions to safeguard your investment.
  5. Reinvest: Be careful to sell enough commodities to cover the value of your investment plus brokerage whenever stock prices rise. The remaining commodities can therefore be thought of as pure profit. This money needs to be used for anything else.
  6. Liquidate On Occasion: There is no wrong in enjoying your profit if some of your contractors are functioning exceptionally effectively.
  7. Be Aware of Your Competition: Trading in commodities is a very complex business, and there is fierce competition. Maintaining your hold on the market is really challenging if you don’t know how to handle the competition.
  8. Overcome Your Fear of Loss: Losing money will have a negative impact on us, therefore fear of loss can be very gloomy. You will be able to accept defeats and draw lessons from them if you can get over your fear of losing. Every successful trader has developed their own lessons from failures.
  9. Try not to compare: You may be earning a respectable amount of money each week, but you may have recently noticed that one of your pals is earning much more. You then decide to go up against him. However, this is a bad business strategy that will cost you a lot of money.
  10. Attitude: A calm mindset is crucial to completing your task properly because a stressed-out mindset will prevent you from being able to concentrate on what you’re trying to complete.

Three Techniques for Profitable Commodity Sales

These are the top 10 recommendations for commodities trading systems. These pointers can help you become a successful marketer.


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