Best 5 DNN shopping carts in orderl

Best 5 DNN shopping carts in order

Best 5 DNN shopping carts in order | A shopping cart that makes it simple for customers to browse and purchase goods from your website is essential if you run an ecommerce business.

If their shopping experience was anything other than satisfactory, they are likely to buy elsewhere for their goods. By offering your customers a top-notch checkout process, you can reassure them of your legitimacy and increase their propensity to use your website again for future purchases.

Finding a nice shopping cart to use is not always the simplest choice to make because there are so many options available. Although most shopping carts have the same fundamental functions, there are always some features that some shopping carts will have and others won’t. Is customization simple? Would you be able to skin it to match the rest of your website? Does it interface with the preferred payment processor? What is its shipping policy?

Other elements to think about include: How many products do you have or how big is your catalogue? Do you require a shopping cart that can accommodate vast catalogues, and if so, how significant is organisation for you? Or would a cart with a significantly smaller capacity be more appropriate for your needs? Does it work with the shipping company you use? Does it support several currencies? These are just a handful of the numerous factors to take into consideration while choosing your shopping cart.

Below is a list of our top 5 shopping carts for DotNetNuke, or DNN, for small and large business websites to aid you in your decision-making process.

1. Smith Cart

Smith Cart’s overall strength and excellent usefulness helped it reach the top of our ranking. It has a tonne of modules and functions, and you can even design your own unique checkout fields, so you may choose what best suits your needs. It is excellent for both B2C and B2B e-commerce websites and very user-friendly with simple back-end settings to configure.

Best 5 DNN shopping carts in order


  • Capable of handling a huge product catalogue
  • Appropriate assistance response
  • Names and addresses for ship to and bill to are different
  • To help your products be found, SEO includes titles, descriptions, keywords, and meta tags for each product.
  • Automatic creation of thumbnails
  • Support for SSL
  • “Fast Checkout” for repeat clients
  • Automatically authorise and settle credit cards
  • Automatic email sent to the administrator and customer after a transaction
  • No product cap


  • Wish list not Available
  • Product reweave not Available
  • Gift cards option not Available
  • Multi-language support not Available
  • Option to email customers with newsletter not Available
  • Re-seller discounts not Available


Catalook was created with the developer in mind, therefore it includes many features that are completely customisable and can be skinned to match the rest of your website. Catalook is divided into various modules so that you can select the one that is most appropriate for your website. A mini-cart module that displays the customer’s current products in the cart and the amount of the current order is also a feature of this website. Catalook offers more possibilities for renting goods like hotels, automobiles, and other items. While Catalook is somewhat more expensive and has features for almost anything you can imagine. Due to its lack of SEO capabilities and significantly greater difficulty during initial setup, it comes in second place. However, once created and set up, the benefits can be very rewarding.

Best 5 DNN shopping carts in order


  • For B2B transactions, quick order forms
  • Discount for resellers
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Wish list available
  • Customer registration is available
  • Product reviews is available
  • Customer and administrator through email after purchase
  • Integrated shipping calculator
  • Newsletter
  • There is no restriction on the number of products or categories.


  • Search Optimization tools not available
  • Gift certificate not available
  • Harder on the developers’ end during initial setup and installation

3. DNNSpot 

Although it has no product or category limit, it gets challenging to organise and keep track of products with a huge catalogue, hence DNNSpot is the suggested option for smaller ecommerce companies without a vast product library. It has a very simple installation process and is simple to use and understand because it was created with businesspeople in mind more so than developers.


  • FedEx support with shipping pricing and tracking numbers, as well as UPS integration.
  • Sell downloaded products including music, video, documents, and other media.
  • Excellent SEO (custom title, description, and keywords as well as the opportunity to configure what you want the product’s website to say)
  • Inventory control to monitor your products
  • personalised email templates
  • The choice to pay with a check or PayPal if desired

Best 5 DNN shopping carts in order


  • Not very adaptable
  • Has fewer of some of the other carts’ more specific qualities.
  • Cannot easily manage huge product catalogues.
  • Has no free shipping option for purchases over X dollars.

4. The Portal Shop

The Portal Store module, which is somewhat more expensive than the other shopping cart modules, comes with a tonne of built-in features and skin layouts and pays close attention to every little thing to ensure you get the most out of your shopping cart.


  • Wish Cart
  • Digital transactions
  • Support for multiple currencies with real-time rates and either a fixed price adjustment or a manually entered currency rate
  • Numerous payment options are available.
  • Excellent file and image management with the option to upload files individually or in groups, resize and watermark individual or group photographs, and so on.
  • Includes 17 modules.
  • The choice to display photographs as slideshows or thumbnails in item details
  • FAQs and reviews, with the choice to limit reviews to people who have previously bought the product
  • Displaying prominent, suggested, or related user-purchased products


  • Not compatible with DNN 6
  • Not as skinning-customizable as some of the other shopping carts
  • Can be initially challenging to understand.

5. NB Store 

If you want a cheap shopping cart solution, NB Store is a wonderful free DNN shopping cart module to use. Although it lacks the intricate functionality and customization of some of the more established competitors, it still includes many of the key elements you want in a shopping cart. Still, it’s free.

Best 5 DNN shopping carts in order


  • Enables multi-language
  • Enables multiple tax levels
  • Can hold tonnes of goods while being simple to locate and arrange huge numbers in the correct way


  • Can be challenging to comprehend
  • The style and feel, as well as the ability to design custom fields, are not particularly adjustable.
  • Lacks a few features that you might want.

A Brief Overview of Online Shopping Carts

Any online business that sells products needs a reliable shopping cart. They greatly influence how your complete online store will look. Whether a business owner is successful in selling his products—whether they are real goods mailed to customers or digital downloads that don’t require shipping—depends greatly on the framework (the coding utilised, file structure, and database architecture) on which the system sits.

How a Shopping Cart Works

Online store owners frequently discover that there are many extras that may be added to a shopping cart. Some of these are advantageous. Some of them are eye-sores. When considering a shopping cart system’s overall function, it is clear that there are a few fundamental components that must be included. Let’s examine some of them.

Sections for Stores and Administrators

A storefront and an administrative backend should be the two key components of a shopping cart system. The front end of the system should be a user-friendly online store that enables users to browse and search for products, add them to their shopping cart, and pay for them online. It should be promoted to the globe through online marketing, search engine optimization, and other ways. Customer data is gathered in the storefront area of an online shopping cart.

Name, address, phone number, payment information, and any additional data needed to process a purchase, for instance.

Best 5 DNN shopping carts in order

A shopping cart system has a storefront part as well as an administrator backend. The shopping cart system’s administrator part is password-protected. Normally, only the website’s administrator or staff members have access to it.

A shopping cart’s administrator area should provide a mechanism for categorising the products and allow store owners to add items for display on their online store. The public store needs to automatically update in response to changes made by an administrator in the website’s backend.

Store owners should be able to keep track of clients and orders in the backend part. Orders placed through the storefront should automatically appear in the administrators console’s customers/orders area. The administrator can then modify orders, modify their status, or completely delete them.


A database, a few web programming files (usually written in a web development language like PHP or ASP), pictures, and occasionally other supporting files like configuration or template files make up a shopping cart. The shopping cart database includes the product and customer/order information in addition to other relevant data. The code files and database are intended to work together to provide a solid, useful store.


Of course, not every shopping cart is made equal. Each of the many available free shopping carts has a unique personality. The approaches used to create product layouts, manage adding items to carts, manage administrator tasks, etc., are as distinctive as the individual designers who created them. Here are a few crucial points to think about when deciding how to go about putting your shopping cart solution into practice.

Look Professional

Your online store should have a nice appearance. Given the prevalence of scams and hackers in today’s society, your online store should reassure buyers of your legitimacy. The majority of well-liked shopping cart platforms let business owners alter how their store seems. Customers’ perceptions of your store’s shopping cart system will be strengthened and made more successful if you pay close attention to them.


Many internet retailers make their consumers’ shopping experiences difficult, whereas other retailers are significantly more enjoyable. Your system’s functionality might help you close sales or turn away potential clients. 

Best 5 DNN shopping carts in order

Customers should be able to browse products in your shopping cart using clear and practical categories. In order to give clients a simple way to find what they’re looking for using keywords, you should include a search option. Customers can navigate an online store more intelligently than they can with simple category navigation thanks to some systems, like Magento, which offers layered navigation.

Having a setup that is too difficult to traverse in today’s age where most customers anticipate fast satisfaction could mean the end of the company.


The majority of serious online consumers have abandoned dial-up modems for Internet connection. They anticipate speedy page loads. 

While the host you choose for your online store has a big impact on speed, the design of your cart system really matters a lot. Potential clients won’t give your online store much of a chance if their expectations aren’t satisfied and your site’s pages load more slowly than their tolerance for waiting permits.

The Search Engines to Consider

Building an internet store requires getting visitors from search engines. When it comes to keeping up with what Google and other search engines require, some cart systems perform better than others. 

Best 5 DNN shopping carts in order

For instance, there are modules for Zen Cart that let store owners to automatically build feeds for Google Base, construct URLs for category and product pages that are search engine friendly automatically, and automatically produce sitemaps to hasten the indexing of the site’s pages.

Which is the ideal choice for me?

Making a final decision regarding the cart you’ll use leads your online store along a path that is difficult to reverse. It’s critical to carefully analyse how your company will work with your online store and select a system that best satisfies your requirements throughout the whole range of features and functionality. 

I’ve used a variety of cart programmes, including host-based ones like Zen Cart, VirtueMart for Joomla, osCommerce, and Magento. Zen Cart has become my go-to shopping cart due to its quickness, adaptability, and simplicity of use for my non-technical clients.

There might be another one that suits your demands, or you might need to have a bespoke shopping cart made. At least, you can decide which course to pursue if you have a thorough understanding of the issues that must be taken into account.