The Top 5 Website Backlink Checking Tools for Me

The Top 5 Website Backlink Checking Tools for Me

The Top 5 Website Backlink Checking Tools for Me | I used to use Yahoo Site Explorer to monitor the backlinks to my website until a few months ago, but it was regretfully discontinued after the Yahoo and Bing search engines merged. 

Although it was widely anticipated, no tool with a similar feature has yet been added to Bing’s webmaster centre.

This prompted me to search for a new backlink analyzer so I could check the links pointing to my website. I was able to locate a few excellent backlink checkers after some research and searching that you can use to examine backlinks to your websites.

1. Majestic SEO

The Majestic Site Explorer, which is available from Majestic SEO, includes a backlink finder in addition to features for locating the top referring pages, domains, and backlinks for any website.

Additionally, Majestic SEO offers tools that may be used to check the link-building strategy that your rivals have adopted. This is very useful for determining the best backlink-building techniques.

The fact that Majestic SEO is not free, however, is a significant disadvantage. Majestic SEO has a range of plans depending on how many websites you want to acquire backlink intelligence for. Nevertheless, Majestic SEO is a great backlink finder if you can pay the monthly fee.

The Top 5 Website Backlink Checking Tools for Me

2. Market Samurai 

The quantity of backlinks a website has is another feature offered by Market Samurai, which also enables keyword and competition research. Internally, Market Samurai uses Majestic SEO’s bulk backlink checker to examine and summarise the backlinks pointing to your website.

If you are more interested in learning more specific details about the backlinks, such as the sites and pages where the backlinks are put, Market Samurai might not be all that helpful. However, Market Samurai works perfectly if all you want to know is how many backlinks a particular website has.

3. Launch Site Explorer 

Since Yahoo Site Explorer was discontinued, Open Site Explorer has emerged as my preferred backlink discoverer. I can inspect the backlinks on my website with Open Site Explorer and filter them according to where they are coming from and where they are going.

Open Site Explorer offers information on the pages and domains on which the backlinks are found, as well as information on the anchor text used in the backlinks and the page authority and domain authority of the page and the domain, respectively. This information is especially helpful if you are looking into the website of a rival.

The quantity and calibre of the backlink data you can view are restricted in the backlink checker’s free version. If you are conducting this study for a living, it would be useful to pay a subscription fee to SEOMoz, the provider of Open Site Explorer. Remember, though, that Open Site Explorer’s free edition is still the finest one available for checking backlinks to my website.

4. Google Webmaster Central 

Another website where you may monitor the backlinks to your site is Google Webmaster Central. This tool’s main flaw is that it can only be used to check backlinks to your own website. It doesn’t offer any tools for looking into the backlinks of other websites in any way.

The Top 5 Website Backlink Checking Tools for Me

5. Making Use of the Google Search Engine

The ability to utilise Google’s search engine as a backlink checker to examine links pointing to your website is one of the less well-known functionalities of the search engine. Consider searching for “link:site url” to see all the backlinks leading to a particular website.

After weighing my options, I found that Open Site Explorer is the backlink checker that provides the most value for checking backlinks to both my site and that of my competitors.

Backlink checkers for any website are SEO tools.

Backlinks are the most valuable resource in SEO. Because of this, link hunters devote the majority of their time to finding links. There is no longer a way to manually look for link sources. You must employ backlink checkers for this, whether you want to investigate your own link profile or browse the links of your rivals. The most well-liked SEO tools are backlink checking apps because of this.

Here is a collection of the most common backlink checking tools and applications to aid you in your search for links (both free and paid).

1. Use Yahoo! Site Explorer

The most famous backlink checker in existence and possibly the most used SEO tool ever. For rapid analyses of websites’ ranking profiles, Yahoo! Site Explorer is excellent. You enter the url of the website you want to investigate, and Site Explorer generates a list of pages that link to it. It is incredibly easy to use and free.

You can choose to ignore internal links that originate from the same domain or subdomain. Additionally, you can check/exclude links coming from a specific website or from all websites with a particular TLD by using advanced search operators like the site:/-site: command (.coms,.edus, etc.)

It should be noted that regardless of how many backlinks the site truly has, Yahoo! Site Explorer only allows you to inspect 1,000 links per domain.

The Top 5 Website Backlink Checking Tools for Me

2. Backlink Observer

Backlink Watch is an online tool that checks backlinks and provides information for SEO research, such as the title of the linked website, the anchor text of the link, if the link is dofollow or nofollow, and more. Because Yahoo! Site Explorer is where the tool gets its list of links from, and doesn’t anticipate any broader or unique findings.

3. Webconfs

A selection of free SEO tools are available online from Webconfs. Two of them are made specifically for backlink analysis. The Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer is the name of the first utility. It displays which pages and with what anchor texts are linking to a specific domain. You can see every anchor text used on every page, if there are multiple links on a given one. Another tool is called Backlink Summary. It performs just as its name implies by providing you with a list of the websites referring to a page and displaying the number of links on each.

Webconfs tools are powered by Yahoo! as well, therefore the results are identical to those of Backlink Watch and are similarly restricted to 1,000 links per domain.

The Top 5 Website Backlink Checking Tools for Me

4. Majestic SEO – Linkscape – SEO SpyGlass

If you’re serious about SEO, you should have access to a few more reliable backlink checkers that will allow you to explore the link index in greater detail, examine more links, and gather more data for analysis. 

Tools like SEO SpyGlass, Majestic SEO, and Linkscape are useful in this situation. More backlinks to a site can be found with these three tools than with any other available backlink checker. They differ in that SEO SpyGlass searches a large number of search engines and makes use of sophisticated search operators to uncover more links, whilst Majestic and Linkscape rely on their own crawlers and link bases.

Both strategies have their advantages. Utilising their own crawlers enables the collection of a greater number of backlinks but also increases the cost of the service for both the provider and the customer. Additionally, massive data volumes are typically more difficult to analyse and utilise. 

A slightly lower link profile results from SEO SpyGlass’ search engine-based strategy, but you can perform an unlimited number of backlink checks at no additional cost, and the data you receive is more useful.