How to Get a Software as a Service Website a High-Authority Link

How to Get a Software as a Service Website a High-Authority Link

How to Get a Software as a Service Website a High-Authority Link | Links have been crucial to building a company through search since Larry and Sergey launched, despite SEO trends coming and going.

How to Get a Software as a Service Website a High-Authority Link. Regardless of what else you read. Links to your domain from reputable, authoritative websites. Are still among the best techniques to increase the performance of your SEO.

There are numerous additional essential factors. And although quality links are consistent, SEO is constantly evolving. A constant determinant of who appears first in any search.

Since links can be essential to a business’ marketing, “How can I get them” is a question I frequently get. What industry you work in will determine the response. But I can describe how my business operates.

I am the owner of a company that specialises in SaaS company SEO. It’s possible that this is the most competitive SEO market. Here is a quick summary of how we assist our clients in obtaining links for their domain names.

A Brief History

The most crucial thing to realise about building high-quality backlinks to your website is that, contrary to popular belief, SEO is not a lawless frontier. It is not necessary to cheat or spend money to succeed.

How to Get a Software as a Service Website a High-Authority Link

Actually, SEO strategies used today frequently resemble older, more established marketing techniques. To put your business in the best possible light by offering high-quality information is the only objective.

Likewise the very best user experience. The best approach to achieve this is to produce content that addresses issues for which people are looking for solutions.

The level of SEO competition is the other problem that needs to be addressed. if you want to compete in the majority of SaaS niches, it has become. In the current market, acquiring high-authority links one by one over time will not be sufficient.

if you want to make SEO a growing source of revenue for your company. As quickly as feasible, you need thousands of connections from websites that are both very credible and highly relevant. In other words, you must scale your SEO if you want to use SEO to grow your business.

So there is a dilemma in this circumstance. To compete in SaaS, links to your domain must be gained through the creation of genuinely valuable content (which takes time).

You must acquire those links in bulk (which means doing everything quickly). How can this circle be squared?

How to Build High-Authority Links

There are many strategies to obtain links from domains with high authority. The most obvious option is to provide stuff that is so outstanding that well-respected academics and media sites will use it. I’ll use it as a source and link to it. Unfortunately, it would take far too long for this to be useful for SaaS marketing.

How to Get a Software as a Service Website a High-Authority Link

Writing blog entries for domains with high authority is an additional strategy. Contributors are frequently asked to produce a thought piece or explainer that editors can publish.

It’s a win-win situation because the author gets to include a few links and the editors receive content for their websites, which they need. While not the only technique to gain links, guest posts are a solid, trustworthy option.

But a SaaS website won’t rocket to the top spots for significant keywords with a single guest article. You must scale the acquisition of high-authority links in order to accomplish this.

Scaling High-Authority Links

You need two things in order to obtain numerous high-quality links from high-authority domains:

  • A procedure for reaching out to editors of websites with highly relevant material, pitching them content ideas.
  • A sizable staff of editors and writers to assist subject matter experts (SMEs) in taking advantage of these content possibilities as they present themselves.

It takes a lot of work to put these two resources in place. It is a Herculean undertaking to simply identify the domains that need to be contacted. After that, you need to build relationships with the editorial team and develop content ideas that they won’t be able to refuse.

You need to have the tools necessary to produce quality material once an editor has approved a concept. SMEs are essential because Google prioritises material with knowledge, authority, and reliability more and more (often abbreviated to E-A-T).

You have a chance of obtaining those high-authority links if you can assemble a team that can pitch excellent ideas and then produce excellent content to transform those ideas into extraordinary thought pieces. Create as little friction as you can, then quickly repeat the process hundreds of times.

Agency or internal?

With enough time, finances, and talent, it is possible to create the procedure I just outlined. However, doing this internally doesn’t make sense for the majority of SaaS organisations. SEO’s effectiveness grows.

How to Get a Software as a Service Website a High-Authority Link

The demand for more links declines. This means that once everything is running smoothly, it will probably be time to start cutting back.

The additional difficulty of implementing this internally. Once you’ve established a positive working connection with an editor who posts content on a well regarded website.

That connection is something you want to maintain. However, when you’re only obtaining connections to support one SaaS provider, variation can be difficult to come by for editors who need a variety of content types.

A good agency is far better equipped to create what we refer to as a “content partnership,” in which new content is published on the same domain multiple times a month or more, by having a variety of customers.

Don’t automatically assume that all SEO agencies will focus on obtaining links, though; not all of them will. Ask them to provide samples of recent links they have assisted clients in acquiring, as well as information on their outreach and content development procedures. Ask your SEO company these five questions as well, in my opinion.

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